makassar / jakarta / festival bebas batas 2018

what makes you who you are is a multimedia project that explores the issues that have been central to caglar kimyoncu’s practice as a queer, disabled, immigrant artist. born out of his residency in yogyakarta in 2017, the project encourages and invites us to reflect on identity by asking what makes us who we are, and what does that mean in terms of ethnicity, sexuality and disability.

by integrating real life stories based on his research and interviews especially with excluded communities, the artwork combines narratives through improvisation, portrait studies and augmented reality (ar). as all in his previous projects, caglar, once more, aims to create an immersive, accessible and inclusive experience.

video installation at the national gallery jakarta festival bebas batas

this time, he produced a multimedia installation piece in collaboration with abdi karya in makassar and pamflet in jakarta. it was premiered at the festival bebas batas october 2018.

commissioned by british council indonesia